A Tiny King

Snuggles by light of the Christmas tree bring so many thoughts to mind. I reflect on Mary’s song and wonder about that miraculous night so long ago in a stable. How incredible to be the first to hold the Christ child, to warm him skin to skin; to behold majesty wrapped in cloth. I wonder what her mother heart felt as he grew. Did she worry about him getting enough milk as she nursed life into him? Did she pace the floor the night of his first sniffle? Did she rock him gently wishing time would stand still? Did worries of His future keep her up at night? How was it to stare into the face of God? I imagine her heart leaped as she gazed in to the tiny eyes of the King of the World! I envision his very breath easing every trouble of her weary soul. Pure delight. Breathtaking splendor.

Raising Light! ❤

Fear to Freedom

hebrews-12-1Fear.  This filthy little monster creeps in unexpectedly to rob joy, steal hope and stifle dreams.  Fear causes immobility because it whispers the “what ifs” that lead to deception.  Fear is the one lie that offers a bounty of lies in its wake.  It creeps in slowly, unknowingly and often disguised as reason, logic or reality. It takes the fragile flower of hope and crushes it with doubt. It leaves confusion where there was peace and fog where there was vision.  Fear breeds rapidly if not recognized and removed.  It gives life to deception which leads to discouragement.  Discouragement causes defeat and defeat leads to despair.

Despair; “the complete loss or absence of hope”.

God does not give us the spirit fear. He “gives not a spirit of fear but one of love, power and a sound-mind”.  Fear comes from the “enemy who prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour”.  Fear is one of the enemy’s most powerful tools and it comes so often in disguise that recognizing the root of our rot as fear, can be difficult.  Yet, nothing is impossible for our God!  “For we know all things work together for good for those that love God and are called according to His purpose”. All things.  Our God is mighty, strong, a consuming fire.  “He will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it”.  For “all the days ordained for us were written in God’s book before one of them came to be and we are God’s masterpiece”. He has “created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago”.

Fear says, “its impossible”, God says, “I’ve already made the way”.

“Let us then strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us”.

Let us run.  Not from fear, but without it.  Let us drop our chains, the ones God never intended for us and let us run. Run in hope. Run with vision. Run with purpose. Run in the direction of the dreams God has placed in your heart.  Run in freedom.

2 Timothy 1:7, 1 Peter 5:8, Romans 8:28, Deuteronomy 4:24, 1 Corinthians 10:13, Psalm 139:16, Ephesians 2:10, Hebrews 12:1

Praise from the Garden

The sun takes its moment to shine forth in brilliance. Its rays beam and burst out in all directions with four strong points to north, south, east and west as if a blazing cross has been set in the sky. As the trees wake to the breeze they clap their morning praise. The sun seems to pulse in and out of the leaves; the heartbeat of the sky.

All creation shouts your praise and I delight to join in the chorus. What can I say? What could I sing? I pause. I simply sense your greatness in this place; the magnitude of your presence. I stand silently in awe of your glory. This is worship.

The veil is torn. The coal has touched my lips. Your love has seared my soul. Your grace has cleansed my heart. This is holy ground.

Psalm 148:5, Matthew 27:51, Isaiah 6:7, Exodus 3:5

Perfect Gift

There are days in this business where I feel as if I’m standing in a crowd, hands open, offering an incredible gift and people don’t notice. They walk by with blinders on. They assume it’s too good to be true. They’re too busy to notice. They just can’t believe it’s for them. Some are curious but too afraid to even take a closer look.

Fear. It holds us back so many times. Fear whispers doubt, pulls us back into the mold and keeps us living with only a small portion of what God has in store. Fear tells us not to move. Doubt tells us it’s not possible. Shame tells us we’re not worthy.

God. God tells us to go. He tells us to move forward because He has already made a way and redeemed us. He makes us worthy.

Imagine what Christ must have felt on the cross. Can we even begin to glimpse a small portion of what he experienced? He was the most perfect gift given by God. God himself, opening His hands to offer his only Son.
Yet, in that moment and still today, people don’t notice. They walk by with blinders on. They turn away. They assume it’s too good to be true. They just can’t believe it’s for them. Some are curious but too afraid to even take a closer look.

God still waits for so many. With open hands and a storehouse of blessings, He waits to give away the most precious of all gifts; Himself.

2 Corinthians 9:15, James 1:17, Romans 8:32

It is Well

It’s just the two of us. His greatness and my frailty are mingling together. We are one in this place, though the thought is almost unbearable and nearly unimaginable. My facades are removed. Every mask is taken off and dropped at His feet.
I am Bare.
Shame attempts to intrude but He gently pushes it away. My heart exposed, He begins to mend, restore and tend to each need. This is a process. Each time I come, more work is accomplished. Often, there are new wounds. This broken world easily produces more brokenness.
No matter to Him. It is as if He doesn’t notice. He is unshaken by anything I could bring. My worst, He makes his best. This process, so tender and so gentle, brings waves of peace and undertones of tranquility.
I rest.
I know all will be well. In this place, more than any other, I can truly say it is well with my soul. It is here I am made alive and anew. What is not complete is held in his hands, reserved for another meeting. It needs time; a process of healing. This rests well with me as He knows better than I.
I wait.
In hopeful, joyful expectance I wait. He breathes life in my lungs while the warmth of peace and the cool rush of anticipation fill my soul. There is more, much more. There is a promise; a sweet hope. For here, I see dimly. This is only a portion, just a small glimpse, of what awaits. It is but a foretaste of what He has prepared.
I hope.
My hope is placed fully and only in Him. It is well. It is well.

Lamentations 3:22-23, James 1:2-4, Psalm 23:6, John 14:3

Holy Ground

Morning barely makes its appearance and she wakes, taking her Bible in hand and tip-toeing through the house. She walks past the laundry pile begging to be folded and curtails the dirty dishes in the sink. Her destination is that secret place. She swiftly makes her way to this favorite spot where she meets with Him once again. Quietly she opens the pages of that worn Bible with the underlined passages. She prays no one wakes to disturb this precious time. This time she needs. This time she craves. Even a few moments here in the garden of His presence is enough, but she always craves more. He is tangible in this place and she has come to need that more than anything else in her day. She needs Him first. Some need a cup of coffee in the morning, but she needs the One who quenches her soul. He is the one who meets her greatest desires. Here in this place, deep cries out to deep. Creation dances with creator. Breath and soul meet the giver of life.
It is good.
It is needed.
She sits quietly breathing in his presence. She praises by sensing his greatness. She asks by revealing every thought to Him. She confesses by bearing her heart. Nothing is hidden. Nothing is wasted. Here, there is no condemnation. Here, every weight is removed. Burdens are lifted and every desire is taken, held and considered for the perfect time.
His love overwhelms her and his peace envelopes her. She is seen. She is known.
This is holy ground.

Luke 10:42, Genesis 16:13, Exodus 3:5

The Invitation

White, pristine and clean, the dress is laid before you. You stand in awe, afraid to touch it, afraid to crinkle the pressed edges. It is perfect. A dazzling white, so bright it nearly hurts your eyes. You breathe in deep. It is here for you. The act of putting it on seems preposterous. You feel so unworthy. Perhaps it is all a dream. You rub your eyes. No, it still lies before you. There it is; sparkling and perfectly splendid without flaw or stain. There must be some mistake. This cannot be meant for you. Would there be but one imperfection? Just one snag in the fabric or one stich left undone then perhaps it would be more fitting. Then maybe you would be able to put it on. Second hand, second rate, second best would be more fitting for you. Not this. This is meant for a princess. You shake your head and think, “not me”. Yet here it is and here you are. It lays ready, waiting. The choice is yours. One more deep breath and a silent gulp then you dive in. You touch it. The satin fabric slides across your fingers and the diamonds are cool and smooth to the touch. Your heart races. Your breath catches in your chest and in one quick flash you pick up the dress. You pull it close to your chest and tears begin to stream down your face. You start to sway just gently to the rhythm. A new rhythm; slow and steady, one you have never known before this moment. You gently slide it on. It’s a perfect fit. It envelopes you like a blanket. It is soft and fitting like a warm towel after a bath. You turn and catch a reflection. Could it be? You see yourself. You truly see yourself for the first time. You see what He has seen all along. Perfection. His splendid creation. Suddenly, you no longer see for the tears welling up in your eyes. They form puddles then burst, overflowing and spilling onto your soft blushed cheeks. The tears run free, down your face and onto the dress. You gasp for fear it will ruin the unblemished fabric. Yet, that is not the case at all. Every place a tear falls, the fabric dazzles even more. It is shimmering, glowing so bright now that you can barely glance at it. Yet, you know you never want to take it off.

It is time. He is waiting.

The reality is too much. Your feet feel like lead. You want to move but the weight of this moment is overwhelming. Staying here though seems no longer a choice. Not after this gift. Not after accepting it. This is such an extravagant purchase. It was bought at such a high price. The only thing left to do is to meet the Giver; the One who sought out the dress so long ago. It is time to meet the One who lovingly designed it and painstakingly prepared it. He is the One whose nail-scarred hands touched every stitch and whose blood washed away every stain it used to bear. Now is the time. Trembling and nearly without conscious effort one foot moves before you and somehow your body follows. You take one more step and it becomes easier, smoother now. The weight no longer holding you back, you raise your head and begin to smile. You breathe in this moment and in a burning flash you throw open the door and run. The shackles and chains fall with every pounding step and the dress begins to feel like wings. At full speed you run until you see Him and stop dead in your tracks. There He is. The One. He’s been waiting. He smiles and instantly you realize what this was all about.

Love. Wild, unending, crazy love.

His love pierces your heart and you gaze at him in awe. There is nothing between you now. There is nothing between you and His love. There are no requirements, no prerequisites, and no deposits to make. Anything that was keeping you from His love was laid down the moment you put on the dress. What is left now but do embrace it? You take one final step forward. He wraps His arms around you. It is not a hug. It is like the part of your soul you were missing has found your body. You are home.

You melt into His embrace and suddenly you are new. You don’t even remember who you were before this moment or why you were so hesitant to put on the dress. Now, you are only His.

His daughter.
His princess.
His treasure.

The embrace becomes a dance; smooth and steady. A dance you will sway with forevermore. This rhythm is perfect. It moves to the beating of His heart.

You are home.



I am not my accomplishments.
I am not my appearance.
I am not what others think of me.
I am not my own.
I am loved.
I am chosen.
I am His.
I am forgiven.
I am made worthy.
I am made new.
I am a child of the One true King.
I am not driven by the ways of this world; by money, lust or greed.
I am not moved by things.
I am called.
I claim a higher purpose.
I follow His plan, His ways, His steps.
In Him I live and move and have my being.
I will not be shaken, though the earth give way and the mountains crumble into the sea, because this is not my home.
I am not of this world.
I am only and completely found in Him.
He is my way maker.
He is my peace.
He is my light.
He moves me.
He makes me.
He guides me.
Constant He will be.
Forever I am changed.
One thing remains; I in Him, He in me.
Alpha and Omega
All I ever need
The One

Acts 17:28, Psalm 46:2, 2 Corinthians 5:17, Revelation 22:13

Great Love


A few days ago we found a baby bird. It had fallen from its nest and it was not old enough to fly. The little guy was certain to be prey to the next animal that came along but we weren’t sure how to help him. We couldn’t find the nest and weren’t sure if the mother robin would come back for him. My husband couldn’t bear to leave him on the ground so tiny and vulnerable. He knew he would either starve because he was too young to find his own food or be killed by another animal, possibly even our dog who was watching all if this intently. We called the animal rescue center and they gave us some tips on how to help this baby robin. In the meantime, my husband fed the tiny bird worms by hand. We read that these little guys need to eat from the time the sun rises until it sets each day, and should be fed every 10-20 minutes during that time, but unlike mammals, robins never need overnight feedings. Whew! And I thought nursing an infant was work. On the advice of the rescue center, my husband crafted a makeshift nest out of a minnow trap and attached it to the side of a tree with a bungee cord. Ok, so it wasn’t the Hilton but it was a place to stay, more along the lines of the Motel 8 variety of bird domains. Within minutes of being placed in his temporary dwelling, the mama robin came to him with food. She came and she came and she came. Back and forth she went getting worms for him. It was her job. She never rested, just fed that little baby. Within days, he had nearly doubled in size and flew out of the nest. Still she would find him and feed him. Whether he moved to another tree, was hidden in the branches or landed on the ground, she would find him and take care of his every need. Even when she left him, she was aware of him. She knew exactly where he was at all times and those moments when she left his side, she was still tending to his needs. Isn’t it amazing that God created this bond even in the smallest of animals? He planned every detail and equipped the mother perfectly to care for her fledgling. The Bible tells us if He does this with even the birds, how much more does he care for us? Matthew 6:26 tells us our Heavenly Father feeds them and cares for their every need and that he does the same, even more so for us. Luke reminds us, “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?” After all, we are of much more value to him than birds. Christ laid down his life for us. He gave the ultimate sacrifice. The Lord cares for us so deeply that even the hairs on our head are numbered. So how much more does he tend to our needs than a mother robin cares for her young? Can you envision it? The God of creation, the One who made the Heavens and the Earth watching over you, sheltering you under His wing, bringing you nourishment, keeping you safe and never letting you out of his sight? No matter where you go, how far you fly, He is there. We can exclaim with the Psalmist, “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.” What love is this? What great love not only covers a multitude of sin but cares for your every need as well. Only God. He is all and is all we ever need. Let Him care for you and remember no matter where you fly, He is there.

Luke 12:6, Matthew 6:26, Matthew 10:30, 1 John 3:16, Psalm 139:7-10

Same Love


My son broke his arm this week. He is 2 years old now, so I suppose it was just a matter of time before we took this rite of passage into boyhood. It is official now, I am the mother of a rough and tumble little boy. What’s funny is that my son is actually quite cautious in nature. He’s never been a climber, doesn’t try to run in the road and avoids things that look dangerous. I really thought he was the last kid that would break a bone, but here we are. He is wearing his purple cast like a badge of honor. One tough cookie. Yesterday, we were waiting in the orthopedic office when I heard an unusual sound. I looked up and from our room could see into the hallway where a prisoner was being led past us into another examining room. The sound I heard was the shackles and chains he was bound by. As he walked, more shuffled, along I could hear the chains clanging together. He was dressed in a full orange jumpsuit with a label in bold black letters across his back naming him a prisoner of the county jail. A captive. Typically, my first response would be one of judgment, wondering what he did to get in there and irritation of why “someone like him” was being brought in such close quarters with the rest of us. Perhaps, the Holy Spirit is making some breakthroughs in the hard places of my heart because I thought neither. My response was an overwhelming feeling of knowing God loves him. God loves him. He loves him the exact same way he loves me; the exact same way he loves my little purple cast wearing 2 year old. He loves him. Oh how he loves each one of his children. He loves us not for what we’ve done, nor what we’ve failed to do. He just simply, constantly, without reason, loves us. I sat there breathless, in wonder of my God who sets no restrictions and no requirements on this Great Love. I know of it; this love. But I fail to comprehend it, rarely give it and struggle to accept it. Our human minds, in all their complexity still strive to conceive of a love that knows no conditions. See God loves this prisoner now, even in his chains, the same way he will love him in eternity. I too often think I’m earning some merit badge of love here on Earth. I strive as if God’s love and favor are dependent upon my actions. God has chosen, for reasons only He knows, to bless us right now with this business. As it grows and our territory expands, it is so easy to start to think we are doing something great. We are making a difference most certainly and we are making an impact for His kingdom by following His leading and it is spectacular, but it is a drop in the bucket compared to what awaits us in eternity. This life is but a mist, a vapor that appears for just a moment and is gone. What awaits us is unfathomable. In the end, God will have loved me the same here as he does there. He loved me when I walked in chains, before I knew him and he will cover me with the same blanket of love when I gaze into his face in Heaven. I will never earn it nor be worthy of it. Today, whether you sit in shackles and chains or you are following God’s leading to a call bigger than you, know you are loved. You are equally, completely and abundantly loved.

James 4:14, Romans 5:8, 1 John 4:10