Praise from the Garden

The sun takes its moment to shine forth in brilliance. Its rays beam and burst out in all directions with four strong points to north, south, east and west as if a blazing cross has been set in the sky. As the trees wake to the breeze they clap their morning praise. The sun seems to pulse in and out of the leaves; the heartbeat of the sky.

All creation shouts your praise and I delight to join in the chorus. What can I say? What could I sing? I pause. I simply sense your greatness in this place; the magnitude of your presence. I stand silently in awe of your glory. This is worship.

The veil is torn. The coal has touched my lips. Your love has seared my soul. Your grace has cleansed my heart. This is holy ground.

Psalm 148:5, Matthew 27:51, Isaiah 6:7, Exodus 3:5

Holy Ground

Morning barely makes its appearance and she wakes, taking her Bible in hand and tip-toeing through the house. She walks past the laundry pile begging to be folded and curtails the dirty dishes in the sink. Her destination is that secret place. She swiftly makes her way to this favorite spot where she meets with Him once again. Quietly she opens the pages of that worn Bible with the underlined passages. She prays no one wakes to disturb this precious time. This time she needs. This time she craves. Even a few moments here in the garden of His presence is enough, but she always craves more. He is tangible in this place and she has come to need that more than anything else in her day. She needs Him first. Some need a cup of coffee in the morning, but she needs the One who quenches her soul. He is the one who meets her greatest desires. Here in this place, deep cries out to deep. Creation dances with creator. Breath and soul meet the giver of life.
It is good.
It is needed.
She sits quietly breathing in his presence. She praises by sensing his greatness. She asks by revealing every thought to Him. She confesses by bearing her heart. Nothing is hidden. Nothing is wasted. Here, there is no condemnation. Here, every weight is removed. Burdens are lifted and every desire is taken, held and considered for the perfect time.
His love overwhelms her and his peace envelopes her. She is seen. She is known.
This is holy ground.

Luke 10:42, Genesis 16:13, Exodus 3:5



Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could wake up each morning and spend time with the Lord in a serene sanctuary; a quiet temple in nature?  I’ve spent such mornings with the sweet presence of the Savior and it is refreshing to the soul and healing to the mind and body.  Imagine what life would be like if we walked with him in the garden each day as the Creator intended.  Peaceful, Quiet, Stillness.  Is there a way to have this even in the midst of the rush of our busy days?  I believe there is.  God’s word is alive and his presence is with us even in the chaos of the world we live in.  Rarely do we take the time to seek him, but more and more over the last year I’ve needed that stillness of his abiding presence and I’ve learned to seek him even in the common and everyday tasks of daily life.  My sanctuary is occasionally found in getting alone with him in nature but on most days my sanctuary is the bathroom.  Yes, the bathroom.  Where the hum of the vent fan drowns out the noise of the day and I can find solace in time with the One who loves me constantly.  Each morning I come to my little sanctuary and if it’s only for a moment I breathe in the presence of my Savior.  Trusting he is with me, even there, changes my outlook and refreshes me.  What I’ve learned is that I don’t need perfect conditions or beauty around me to seek him and sense his nearness.  He is with me in the mess of my day and in the small sanctuary of my bathroom or car or anyplace I choose to find him.  He never leaves me.  Psalm 63:2 says, “I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory.”  That sanctuary is wherever you are.  At work, at home, in your car…even in the bathroom.  You may behold is power and glory right there in the midst of the commonplace; there in your own sanctuary!